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    InDesign CS6: Cannot open the file ...


      Hi there,


      I think I just blew my file by embedding every picture inside the file. It's a ~130 page long user guide with A LOT of pictures.


      I saved it successfully a few days ago, and now tried to open it again to finish working with it. But then I get this error:




      I'm a relatively new user to InDesign and didn't think much about it embedding all the stuff.

      The file size grew to 11.5 GB. Which is a lot, but I was still able to work quite smoothely while it was open, so I thought everythings fine. System is Windows 7.


      I've already searched the forums and didn't find any solutions on getting the file working again. Afaik it's the only file I have to use, no backups done. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. I know...


      ...but im positive somebody here might help. Thank you.