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    Bad problem with crashes - how to troubleshoot?




      I'm a new user and I'm having a lot of trouble with Premiere Pro CS6 crashing. It's so bad that I am thinking I might have to go back to FCP7 until I can get it sorted out. Can someone tell me where to begin troubleshooting this problem?


      I'm on a MacPro mid 2012, 24 Gb RAM, using ATI Radeon HD 5870.

      The OS is OSX Lion 10.7.4


      I'm using Premiere Pro 6.0.1


      It doesn't seem like I'm doing anything particularly special when the crashes occur. This morning, I just had three crashes in the space of about five minutes. I was looking at the audio waveform of a clip and adding markers so I could shorten the soundbite. It didn't seem to like me adding markers.


      Thanks so much.


      - C


      Update: It now crashes almost every time I add a marker to the audio waveform. Sometimes I get to hit save fast enough, sometimes not. If I look in Console, it says "invalid drawable." Not sure where to begin dealing with this.

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          It's because you have a Mac....Sorry I had to.


          I had a similar problem with Premiere CS4, although not to the extent of your situation. The two things that seemed to fix it for me was first to upgrade the RAM (which likely is not your problem) and second to reinstall Premiere. It's a pain, but I think I might have just had a buggy install the first time.


          Hope you find a fix! Premiere is an excellent program!


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            JAKE JONSON Level 1

            Yes, a bad PPro install could be the culprit, but I'd more suspect the hard drive.  Could you run a scandisk type of scan looking for bad blocks/bad sectors?  I think it could be an interesting report.  Disregard this advice if you're system & install drive is an SSD (and not a spindle drive).  Good luck.

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              CaroVideo Level 1

              Just an update on how this got resolved: those who suggested buggy software were correct. It was a bad install of Lion, and it was resolved by reformatting the drive and starting again from scratch with the OS and all software and drivers. The computer was down for four days while this work took place, and yes it was a pain. But it seems like all problems were resolved.


              Thanks for the help.