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    Mackie MCU Pro and Audition CS6 problems




      Has anyone got Audition CS6 and Mackie's MCU Pro control surface working properly -  in particular the mute/solo/arm lights?


      Say I have a 24 channel mix on screen and I press record arm, mute or solo on one track. Initially the corresponding button lights up on the MCU. If I then use the MCU Bank or Channel select keys on the MCU to scroll across channels, the record, mute or solo button does not move across with the channel but instead stays on the same physical MCU channel or the one adjacent. The LCD display and faders move and work as expected.


      I have downloded the latest Audition patch and use windows 7 and Apple Macbook pro systems. The MCU has the latest Mackie firmware. (It's happening on Apple and PC based systems).


      I have scoured the internet for any other reports of this and haven't seen anything. I thought it may be my MCU but support people at the store where I bought it replicated the problem using another MCU Pro and system.


      Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


      Thanks, Alistair