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    Webhelp: how to add a Previous and Next button

    Len Kannapell Level 1

      I'm using Robohelp 8 and generating Webhelp on a Windows XP machine. The output displays on IE by default.


      My problem is simple: In my Webhelp output, I want a Previous and Next button to appear at the top of each topic. That's all. But I don't see how to set this.


      I don't want to create browse sequences; if select topic B, and I've already opened topic D and Z, I should be able to click the Previous button to go from topic D -> topic B, or the Next button to go from topic Z to topic B.


      Also, how do I open my Webhelp output so that the TOC is open (i.e., all topics are displayed so you don't have to click books to open. Thanks for any help.