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    Problem Rendering.  Bug?


      I'm learning SpeedGrade and recently completed my first grade on a 3 minute video.


      I'm editing native DSLR 1080p footage at 23.976 fps from a Canon 7D.  The sequence (http://i.imgur.com/WbzgE.png) was sent to SpeedGrade from Premiere using the "Send to Adobe SpeedGrade" command in the FILE menu.


      I am having the following issue when attempting to render:


      1. I begin rendering using basic settings (screen shots here: http://i.imgur.com/12Z9L.png http://i.imgur.com/qI06S.png
        My in and out are set to the begining and end of the sequence
      2. I see the file writing to the folder, but it consistently STOPS writing the file- even though the render percentage goes all the way to 100% (i.e. the file size stops growing as reported by Finder- ALWAYS at 31.5 MB)
      3. Rendering stops at 100% but file is now missing from the folder.
      4. Even though rendering completed, the render button in SG is unavailable- only PAUSE and STOP are visible (as if it's still doing something in the background)
      5. SpeedGrade becomes un-responsive and must be Force Quit.


      I've already tried

      • Waiting
      • Restarting
      • Removing Perian
      • Banging my head against keyboard


      Any other suggestions?  Can provide more information if necessary.