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    Why doesn't Photoshop CS6 boot into Extended Mode? My GPU is Supported!


      Ok got a new laptop, quad core and went to install the trial of Photoshop CS6 Extended and it will not boot into extended mode but rather the original Photoshop mode, and I know this by the splash screen with the circles and the fact there is no 3D menu. A friend did the same on his laptop (different hardware) and his booted into Photoshop CS6 Extended. We used the same Adobe Download Assistant to do our installs. My GPU is the ATI Radeon 6520G and it has support for both Open GL & Open CL. It appears in the Performance preferences with GPU checked and Open CL is selectable in advanced. Now my question is why can't I get into Extended Mode? Why can't we just force it to do so? I have seen this issue all over the place and it seems to be related mostly to ATI/AMD chipsets. Any help is appreciated, I would like to try out the 3D options.


      I even tried installing the latest ATI Radeon drivers which are beta 2.7, same issue.