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    Custom navigation buttons disappear after applying security settings


      I have a document intiailly designed in InDesign CS4 used as a on-screen presentation. At the lower right hand side I created custom navigation buttons (Back, Forward etc) to navigate between pages after the document is exported to PDF.


      Having upgraded to CS6, the buttons still function after exporting the document to interactive PDF. However, securing the PDFafter having exported it causes the navigation buttons to disappear from about the fourth and subsequent pages in the document.


      I can't work out why this happens. I can export to intereactive PDF and select to secure the document during exporting and this works. However, this doesn't allow for changes to the PDF, so unsecuring it, making the changes and then securing it brings up the same problem.


      I'bve tried a few things, even recreating buttons, and the affected pages, but I still get the same effect.


      Anyone offer an idea for what is happening?