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      Working with Fluid Grid Layout Div Tags, is there a way to have a larger fluid tag float to the right of more than one Fluid Grid Layout Div Tag. I want it to act almost like a table where you may have a larger cell (merged from smaller cells) aside several smaller cells (vertical). This seems to be governed by rows only and will not allow for any exceptions. Thanks in advance for your help. There is still very little information available.

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          The Fluid Grid Layout works on the basis of floating <div> elements. Every Fluid Grid Layout <div> is floated left, and Dreamweaver automatically calculates its width and margins based on precise percentages.


          A Fluid Grid Layout <div> must snap to the grid, and although you can put other <div> elements inside, you can't snap nested <div> elements to the grid.


          There are several video tutorials on Fluid Grid Layouts in the Dreamweaver section of Adobe TV. I also created several videos about Fluid Grid Layouts as part of my Dreamweaver CS6 New Features video workshop. One of the videos from that workshop is on managing fluid grid layout styles, and can be viewed free of charge.

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            vweeks Level 1

            Thank you for your response. It isn't the snapping that appears to be the problem. This is an example of what I'm trying to do. Excel was the best way for me to provide a visual. Is this possible? Every time I try to place divs in a similar layout, the div will not take up multiple rows. For example div 4 would move down and where row 7 is would now be row 4. Div 2 would have also moved down because of 5. I have a large image that needs to be placed to the left of a header and vertical menu. I'm trying to keep the header and menu seperate and the image needs to be aligned to the top left of the text. I'm sorry that I'm overcomplicating this. I must admit it surprises me that the fluid grid appears to be dictated by rows. I'm wondering if for this particular design I should just stick to a table.


            Div Sample.PNG