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    32 bpc linear workflow -- render different than preview



      I've been experimenting with a 32 bpc linear workflow and have run into an issue where what I see in the preview window (what I want) looks very different than what is rendered out. The difference seems to be caused by a curves adjustment layer-- it almost seems like it is ignored on final output.


      A screenshot of the preview window:




      What the image looks like during a RAM preview or when rendered:



      The RAM preview looks correct though (or like the 1st image) when I go to Preferences-->Previews-->set "Color Management Quality" to "MoreAccurate"


      I'm using sRGB linearalized working space. Outputting to an 8 bpc TIFF sequence with output profile set to sRGB (I'm not sure what to do with the "Convert to Linear Light setting"-- does "On for 32 bpc" mean on when the input is set to 32 bpc, or when the output is set to 32 bpc? -- either way this setting doesn't appear to fix the issue)


      This particlular project doesn't really use any of the things 32 bpc is good for, but I'm very interested in figuring out a fix for future use.

      Here's the project file if anyone is interested in taking a look:

      cs6 version

      cs5.5 version


      Any help would be greatly appreciated