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    DIgital video lagged


      i have a few digital videos in my project.they are in mp4 format.they ran smoothly when i played them directly through the computer memory.however, they got lagged when i played them through a disk.what should i do to play them smoothly on a disk.please do help me and i really appreciate it so much.

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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Farhan,


          I think a reason why your message hasn't received a response yet is because you have not clearly defined what has happening. From more direct discussion, the problem as I understand it as follows:
          The application has a number of videos, large in file size (around 90MB). When you run the application through Director, or as a projector, where the videos load from the hard drive, the videos play smoothly. However, when you copy the application files, including video, onto a CD or DVD, the playback of the video off these devices is not as smooth. An by non smooth playback, it is more of a jerky, dropping of frames, rather than a slow start (pause while loading).


          The reason for different playback experiences is that different devices have different bandwidths - the amount of data they can handle over time. A hard drive can handle higher bandwith than a DVD, which can do better than a CD, A way of dealing with this is to adjust teh data rate of your video. Reducing it would eman less data and so a betetr result off a device that has a lower bandwith.



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            farhanyun91 Level 1

            hello dean,

            thanks for your reply.my dir size is just 4mb plus.and in the dir project, it has several videos and one of them that i usually played to test how it goes is 90mb plus  and it is link to the external.the video is in mp4 format and i use quicktime in director to play the movie.the video's data rate size is 7553 kbps,total bitrate is 7874 kpbs and frame rate is 25 fps.what is happening whenevr i play it through a disk is, the video is not as smooth as i played it through ccompute harddisk.i read bout this similalr kind of problem and it is recommended to stretch the sprite a few frame longer.i dont really understand this way of solution.can you please enlighten this to me?I m really in need of help right now.what exactly m i supposed to do to solve this problem for once and for all?Thanks for your help once again dean

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              Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Farhan,

              It may be worth posting your question on the Premiere Forum to ask about video compression settings

              What did you use to created/encode your videos? Looking at other Adobe forums, I came across a thread called 'Jerky Motion of MP4 file' - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/489667

              If you look at the first post in the above, the person gives full details of the video, including codec, size, etc. The first reply asks the specs of the computer. If you have a new, fast CPU, it will be able to handle video playback better. To quote one of the replies, "The thing is, H264 is a very, very efficient compression scheme. But that comes at a cost - H264 is extremely processor intensive for decoding.”

              To other points in your message - the point of stretching video to more frames will do nothing for smooth playback. First, it's best to have a script that loops in a frame rather than trying to match Director's frames to the videos.

              So, my suggestions
              - test on another computer if you have access to one with different specs to see if there’s any difference.
              - I don’t recall what version of Director you have, but as a test, just create a new movie in D11.5 and import the mp4 as a MP4 Media file – using Director’s mp4 player. Then burn that onto a DVD and see if the payback is better than using QuickTime.
              - try adjust the compression settings of the video – reduce the data rate – and see if that video plays better
              - and posting to a forum which attracts people with video experience will help give you an indication of what compression is most appropriate for your context.