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    Problems with CS6 after cloud Download


      Just joined the Adobe Cloud and downloaded CS6. I am using a MacBook Pro, new 15" retina display, 16 GB Ram, 2.6 Ghz processor.

      Download and install seemed to work fine but when I start the program I get the following alerts:Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 1.22.36 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-08-15 at 1.22.45 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-08-15 at 1.22.52 AM.png


      Afterwards CS6 seems to load normally but I cannot open any image files. I have no idea what the 3 error messages mean and I bought the new MacBook Pro specifically to add more space and speed to my workflow using Photoshop and Lightroom. Any thoughts on a fix or workaroud would be appreciated.



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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            You copied plugins from a previous version of Photoshop - which you should never do.

            Go delete the plugins that you copied, or turn off the additional plugins folder preference that you mistakenly pointed to another version of Photoshop.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Chris, why do so many people try this?  Was there an article published somewhere that advised them it was okay to do so?  I would never think to mix up different versions of software like that.  But then I suppose I'm a computer geek.  As I recall there was even one person not too long ago who was adamant that they'd always been able to mix up the plug-ins in the past, and was miffed that they couldn't do so now.


              AcuDoc, you're going to need to install each and every one of the plug-ins you have afresh.  Look for updated versions from their makers, advertised to be Photoshop CS6 compatible.  Keep in mind that since you're using a Mac you may not be able to make all the older ones work, since you only have 64 bit Photoshop now.



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                We've had people copy old plugins by mistake for a long time.

                But when we moved the Adobe plugins to the required folder, they're left with an empty plugins folder and just copy everything from an older version, or point the additional plugins folder to the whole plugins folder of an older version.


                I really don't know why they make these mistakes.

                I haven't seen any tutorials that advise such actions.

                (and no, mixing plugins has always caused error messages and problems)


                But we hope that separating the Adobe plugins from the third party plugins will eventually lead to fewer mistakes and complications.

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                  PhotogKenyon Level 1

                  Hi Chris and Noel...thanks for your input but I actually figured it out about 3 am this morning...LOL. However, I do NOT agree with your assumption that I "copied" plug-ins from an older version of Photoshop. I have used many plug-ins in every version starting with CS3 through CS5 and when each new "version" of Photoshop was installed, it automatically pulled the plug-ins from the last version and installed them. No questions were asked and no perissions were given....Photoshop has always copied (CS3-5 that is) older plug-ins from the last version of Photoshop when upgraded. (I have never checked the box in the perferences tab which asked Photoshop to look in other folders on the computer, nor would I). The assumption and third person ..."when he moved"  and "I don't know why THEY make these mistakes" statements are totally incorrect and neither asked for or necessary. A simple answer to my question would have been sufficient and I thank you for that part of the diatribe.


                  For you edification, I have NEVER had a problem with plug-ins when upgrading from an earlier version of Photoshop except in a very few cases (I always have the most updated plug-ins in my plug-in folder) when the suspect plug-in itself simply wouldn't work. I have NEVER had a problem with Photoshop itself giving me error messages and consequently not working at all. Since I have not had this problem before I did not immediately suspect the plug-in folder and since I did not understand the error messages, had to go through trial and error to find the culprit. One of the nice things about going from the latest version of Photoshop to a newer "update/upgrade" has been the abiltiy to carry over many of the plug-ins, actions, set-ups etc. so we did not have to start from "ground zero" and slowly bring the new version up to speed to return to the workflow we had with the earlier version. The idea that we should start from the beginning each time to bring the latest version of Photoshop up to our own personal workflow status is ridiculous and thankfully, most reputable third party plug-in software makers such as Nik and OnOne and Topaz make updates that are backward compatible before the new Photoshop version is realeased.


                  Once again, thanks Chris and Noel for your help. Perhaps if Photoshop did not automatically import plug-ins from earlier versions or at least created a pop-up window so we could say yea or nay, this problem would not occur at all. Just in case you are wondering, I never delete the previous version of Photoshop until I am sure the new version is up to speed because I need an alternative in case the new version has some problem(s) as occurred in this case. I am up and running again with the newest and Greatest CS6!!! Thanks!!!

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    AcuDocKenyon wrote:


                    Photoshop has always copied (CS3-5 that is) older plug-ins from the last version of Photoshop when upgraded.

                    This is not true.  Photoshop NEVER copies anything from a previous version.  They are stand alone products even if labeled "upgrades".  That is why they co-exist.


                    It is my understanding that if you import plugins (we are talking about Adobe, not 3rd party plugins) from a previous version they may work, but the new version my in fact be using the old plugin so you loose the benefit of the upgrade.


                    Chris is an Adobe engineer that writes much of the code so he knows what he is talking about.  Noel is also very knowledgeable, so if they talk you should listen.

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                      PhotogKenyon Level 1

                      Thanks Curt and I personally thanked Chris and Noel three times in my note. I don't need you to defend Chris and Noel because I genuninely respect their expertise (I did not however appreciate how they talked about "he/him" and "them" as if we are somehow out of the loop and so obviously not up to speed or just stupid which I can assure you is not the case) but you are incorrect with regard to your statement. To prove my point though, you can leave CS5 on your computer with its plug-ins and uninstall CS6. When you do a reinstall of CS6 you will see that the Plug-ins folder has been populated with the plug-ins from CS5. (I am talking about 3rd party plug-ins such as the ones I described in my note) As a matter of fact, when you use the uninstall program which can be found in the CS5 or CS6 folder it will uninstall the program but if you look inside the CS5 or CS6 folder after the uninstall (I am talking Mac only) you will see that the "plug-ins" folder is still there...the only remnant of the program left....and I will let you guess why. :-)) Thanks for your input though because I assume it came from a good place.

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                        Photoshop does not now, nor has it ever copied plugins from a previous version of Photoshop - third party or otherwise.  Yes, the uninstaller does not remove third party addons (plugins or presets).

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                          PhotogKenyon Level 1

                          Thanks Chris.....this helps me a lot but I am wondering.....I had the CS6 beta version or trial (can't remember which) and since I installed a new version of CS6 from the cloud, would it install in the same folder as the old CS6 and then use the plugins that were already in the folder? I am only asking because you have me genuinely intrigued.....I installed CS6 last night after doing an uninstall of the old CS6 (before I posted my query) and launched it...and as I watched, along with the error messages, l saw it say "installing plug-ins" or something to that effect and even saw a couple of the names as the type flew by. I did not manually install any plug-ins but  I know I installed into the beta/trial version because I purchased some during that time. If the new version of CS6 uses the same folder as the old version (since it does not uninstall with the uninstall program but indeed, as you pointed out, leaves the plug-ins and presets folders behind) then we have found the culprit and I stand corrected. I was really confused because there seemed to be the insinuation that I manually copied old plug-ins into the newly installed CS6 and that simply isn't true because I got the error messages as soon as I downloaded from the cloud and launched. It is probably my fault because I did not manually uninstall all remnants of the other version.....is this a possibility? I ask because it will help me when installing future upgrades. Thanks again for your help...much appreciated.

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                            Yes, the beta and final install in the same place.


                            Photoshop has "initializing plugins" and "scanning for plugins" but no "installing".


                            At some time or another, you copied plugins from a previous version of Photoshop or used the additional plugins folder preference to point to a previous version of Photoshop.


                            And this error would not be caused by the beta version - only plugins from a previous version of Photoshop.

                            And not uninstalling an older version would have no impact - the plugins would never get copied to the new version's plugin folder.

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                              PhotogKenyon Level 1

                              Thanks Chris....You obviously know what you are talking about and I appreciate you taking the time to be succinct. Unfortunately I am left with a mystery because, as I said, I simply installed CS6 from the Cloud last night, launched (the installer gives this option after installing) and then my problems began. I never manually copied anything into any plug-in folder nor have I ever had this kind of problem before aside from a plugin simply not working. I did learn something though and that is that the plug-in folder and preset folder are left behind in the original folder. It would make sense to me if the new CS6 installed into the same folder as the CS6 version I had just uninstalled from the Cloud and used those plug-ins but you say that would never happen. I am just happy CS6 is up and running and am busy installing the plug-ins as we speak so I can be up to speed tomorrow. Have a great rest of the week.

                              Kind Regards,


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                                PhotogKenyon Level 1

                                whoops...I mean I installed the new CS6 from the Cloud after unistalling the old CS6 and was thinking the CS6 from the Cloud just installed into the same CS6 folder and used the plug-in folder found there. You say nope so its a mystery :-))) This stuff gets confusing after a while!! LOL

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                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                  Since plug-ins represent software you have added, the uninstaller simply does not delete them.  That's pretty standard practice - installers in general only remove what they themselves have installed.


                                  Imagine the outcry if the Photoshop removal process deleted the one and only copy of some plug-in a user bought for a significant cost.



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                                    PhotogKenyon Level 1

                                    Morning Noel and thanks for your comments. I see that we are both night owls:-)))


                                    I agree with you...that would not be a good thing..LOL. My quandry was simply that since I did not "move" any plug-ins into the re-install of CS6 from the Cloud but simply installed and clicked on "launch"....how did the plug-ins get there? After piecing together what you and Chis told me I think I figured it out. Since, when you uninstall CS6 the original file where the program had been (Adobe Photoshop CS6) and the plug-in file inside remain intact, re-installing CS6 again (this time directly from the "cloud") installs into that same CS6 folder. Since the folder already contains a plug-in folder from the last install, it must then "initialize" (thanks Chris...I had the semantics wrong) the plug-ins that it finds already there. So, in a way I have moved or installed them at one time, just not for the latest install of the same version from the Cloud or wherever.


                                    I keep all my original plug-in installer modules in a separate folder if I need to reinstall as well as all the license keys which always saves a headache down the road.


                                    I was pulling my hair out...and trust me...I don't have enough left to do that..LOL...until piecing tidbits of information from you both. The inference that I had physically moved plug-ins from one folder to another is what had me stumped and a little confused since I know that I did not do that. The time lapse between the finished install alert from the Cloud intall and the time that elapsed until I pushed the "launch" button was only a few nanoseonds so not enough time to copy anything anywhere. If the plug-in folder was already there and CS6 installed to the same folder called CS6 then it all makes sense.


                                    Thank you again for helping me to figure this all out. In the future, if I want to do a true "clean" install of the same version I will simply delete the original folder and its plug-in folder since its best to do a re-install of the plug-ins from the original plug-in modules anyway, which I keep tucked away on an external hard drive.


                                    Thanks again....Loving the latest version of CS6 and its added goodies!!!!


                                    Kind Regards,


                                    ps...my apologies if I seemed a little curt with my first reply...it was the inference that I had physically moved something from one place to another and the tihird party reference that stuck me as inappropriate. Since I had not "moved" anything anywhere and at that time had no idea why I was getting the error messages since I had simply installed and launched, the immediate assumption that I must have moved something, etc. left me a little shocked. I am not tech savy like you and Chris but I assure you that if I had "moved" a file, I would have assumed the problem was there from the get go and would not have posted the question. :-)

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                                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                                      No worries, and I apologize if my note seemed accusatory.  Please understand I've been active here on these forums for a while, and upon the release of Photoshop CS6 we've seen a lot of reports from people who have copied or otherwise mixed-up plug-ins from multiple versions of Photoshop.  I can fully understand someone wanting to take the easiest route to keeping their existing plug-ins from Photoshop version to Photoshop version.  I was just wondering aloud whether maybe someone published something somewhere that actually guided people to do it in a way that also brought Adobe-supplied plug-ins along for the ride - which is what causes all the problems.


                                      Yes, Photoshop CS6 is very cool.  Do you have the Extended edition?  I've been having a lot of fun discovering the 3D features as I only had Standard before this version.



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                                        PhotogKenyon Level 1

                                        Hi Noel...yes, I have decided to go the "Cloud" route since that seems (at the $29.95 per month offer) the most cost effective at the moment. I have been using the extended edition since CS3 (I believe that's when it started) and enjoy the little extra fx's it provides, although I must admit I have never explored the full potential. I just acquired the Nikon D800 (my first full-frame camera) and to be honest I am absolutely blown away by its capabilities and the clarity that 36 quality megapixels can provide. Having all that raw info to take into LR and then manipulate in Photoshop has me spending waaay too much time on my computer but Photography is one of my passions so I am having such a good time!!! :-) The little extra speed tweaks in CS6 are a very welcome addition since I am often working with many layers and files in the 1-2 gig range.....so thanks to Chris as well if he is helping to write some of that code!!


                                        Since the advent of DSLR "video" I realize that as a photographer we must  compete on the video level as well....so that has kept me busy, since as you know, lighting for video as opposed to still has its own learning curve. I have been using Final Cut Pro X (shhhh) :-)) but am excited to explore the video capability of CS6 as well as Premiere.


                                        I will be going to Photoshop World for the first time this year and am excited about learning new stuff and playing with all the new gadgets on the market. I hope you are able to make it as well as it should be a great time!!!!


                                        Kind Regards,