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    Form oddities when completed in Acrobat

    steve_foxall Level 2

      Ive created a dynamic pdf form with LC Designer, which reports itself as compatible with Acrobat and Reader 8.1 or later.


      Forms completed in Reader 8,9 and X seem to be coming in correctly.


      However, a form completed by a customer in Acrobat Standard 8 behaves oddly:-

      When opened in Acrobat Pro 8.3 it correctly renders with all fields that should now be visible, visible and content that should now be hidden, hidden.

      However, when opened in Reader 9 or Acro Pro X, fields that should be visible after ticking a check box are still hidden, and fields that should be hidden are visible (ie. the javascripts that ran for the form completer have not run).


      The same form master when completed in Acrobat Pro 8.3 crashes Acrobat when one of these scripts is invoked.


      Any ideas?