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    Error messages in CS6


      I have Adobe CS6 and Adobe CS4. In CS4 I installed Pixel Bender. When I bought CS6 I tried to install Pixel Bender only to discover that it is not supported for CS6. But since I tried to install it I get two error messages each time I open CS6. The first says 'The procedure entry point _cgmDrawBuffersARB could not be located in the Dyamic Link Library aif_ogl.dll' I can click on OK and the open procedure continues. I then get a second error message which says 'The procedure entry point (very long file name) could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library at aif_ogl.dll' . I have tried a reinstall but this has had no effect (I didn't uninstall before doing this). The program seems to be working OK - I have noticed no changes in its functions - but feel that I should rectify this if at all possible. Please could you help.