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    Inserting a Number Field


      I am designing a registration form and can not figure out how to insert a "number" field -- i.e. the sort of field that a user uses to tell us how many tickets they want for a given event.  A "number" field is in the list of choices that are theoretically available, at least in the help documentation, but is NOT a choice in the standard toolbar of options that pop up when I insert a new item onto my registration form.   That list is restricted to:

      Text field

      Text field (multi-line)

      Date field

      Single choice field [radio buttons]

      Multiple choice fields [check boxes]

      Drop down menus

      Single checkbox

      Likert (rating) scale

      Email field

      File attachment

      Formatted text


      Horizontal line

      Page break


      Does anyone know how to add a number field to the available choices