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    Release Notes

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      My employer has a system that is periodically updated, when this occurs, release notes are published to our offices outling the changes.  We are trying to steer away from using a word document  and create an intuitive html format.

      Has anyone used Robohelp to develop Release Notes?




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          Yes, I use RoboHelp to produce our very detailed release notes. It is then compiled as CHM and also as Word document that is converted to a PDF.


          Our design consists of a table format with an Issue ID column, an Application column, a Component column, and an Issue Description column (those aren't the exact names, but I can't recall them off the top of my head; I use a RH masterpage for them so I never both with what they are called). In the Issue Description column, I have two introductory statements: Issue and Resolution. The issue simply describes what the issue was, and the resolution how it was resolved in the application (or sometimes in the documentation).


          That's how ours are set up (not by my choice, but by the clients' choice).