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    Sharing Styles and Preferences in Captivate 5.5


      Our team has recently upgraded to Captivate 5.5.  Several of us used Captivate 3 and older and we are not up to speed on Captivate 5.5 yet.


      Our team works on multiple projects simultaneously.  I have created all of the styles (captions, highlights, buttons, etc.) , libraries of images and set these as my defaults (plus other captions that need to be used throughout the projects as callouts for explanation boxes, etc.) for the team in my version of Captivate.


      I need to share these styles and have each team member import and select these as their defaults, plus have on hand the other supplemental captions, buttons, and highlights needed to support the various content in our courses.


      Under the File menu, the Import and Export styles option is disabled unless a Project is open. 


      Under the Edit Menu, I found that I can only Import and Export the Styles in the Object Style Manager if a project is open.


      In Preferences, I can only Create a New Style.


      Can you perform any of this outside of having a Project Open.  Can styles only be shared within a project?


      I have several popular Captivate manuals at my desk and have searched these for answers. I also found a  discussion  on the  Adobe Forum states that I can select the File Menu (with no mention of a project open) and Export those Preferences ( I am assuming to others as well) and Import them as the “Master Preferences”



      Is there a way to I export my styles and preferences so that the others can import them as set them as their defaults for all projects, without sitting in a room together and taking each caption, highlight, button one-by-one and setting them the same in their preferences so that they will be applied to all project they open?


      Much appreciation in advance for any advice, steps to achieve this or information telling me that it is not possible.  I have spent hours/days pouring over the manuals and testing with another co-worker to try and achieve this.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional


          Since no one seems to answer your question, here is my idea. I would create a template, even if you do not use placeholders or other functionalities of the template. In that template, create the wanted Preferences and Object Styles. You can offer that template to everyone and instruct them to use the File, New from Template choice when creating a new file. You can also adapt the skin in that template. Only drawback: it will have a specific resolution, so be careful if you use objects on the stage and people have to create projects in different resolutions. I will also use the template to store some variables and advanced actions that I use a lot of time.


          In Captivate 6 object styles are part of a theme, so there I use a theme (I'm not a big fan of the ppt-like themes, but being able to have my own theme with object styles and skin editor is great).