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    cross dissolve fail, multi-cam edit

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      Odd failure. Doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't happen because of lacking head/tail frames on either side of the transtion. What it does, is cross dissolve with another (wrong) camera angle, but just on the first half of the dissolve.


      Context: Two camera feeds, both AVCHD. Using PC (win7) with PPro cs6. Brought both feeds into source sequence as vid1 and vid2. Nested this into multi-cam edit sequence to use multi-camera monitor to pick camera angles. Then nested the multi-cam edit sequence into a target sequence for more extensive editing.


      The object is to film a teacher teaching a class to make an hour long vid on DVD. Client wanted to cut out all the pauses, "um"s, and other misc. mistakes and distractions, so there's lots of cuts in the target sequence. This results in some obvious continuity errors. Which is where the cross dissolves come in. I'd like to use some cross dissolves to "smooth over" the continutity problems where I can't just cut to the other camera angle for whatever reason.


      As I said, some cross dissolves work just like they should. But a couple have not. Here's an example of what I'm getting from PPro cs6:




      Note the two different camera angles. Note also that this is from the front half of the dissolve. When the transition moves to the second half of the dissolve, I get this:




      Note that the Program Monitor shows both shots from the same camera angle, which is what it should show. Note that the Effects Control panel shows two different camera angels. It shows this from end to end of the transition, so for the second half of the transition it is in  disagreement with the Program Monitor.


      Note also that the Effects Control panel is not indicating a lack of head/tail footage to make the dissolve work.


      I've used the trim monitor to look more closely, and it's showing me this:



      Note the two different camera angles. Note also that it switched the Program Monitor view from image two above, so that it now looks like the first half of the transition even though it's the second half. When I export this (PPro File...Export...Media) to make a quick web video to see what this footage looks like outside of PPro, what I get is exactly what the Program Monitor in the first two images shows -- first half of dissolve uses two different camera angles, second half uses same camera angle.


      So.... I'm lost. Anyone tell me what I've done wrong?