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    Breakpoints not firing


      Hello Dev's,


      I am having a problem in only one project and I have even tried to recreate the project with no success but previous projects created years prier (made with previous versions of FB) are not experiencing this.


      I am trying to place breakpoints on functions in deep rooted classes (a class that is loaded by a class by a class, its a smaller component from a greater project) which I know is firing as I see the results on the screen.


      However the break point does not fire and remains a blue circle, indicating it won't fire. If I remove and re add the break point while the app is running, it will become checked but once I run the debugger the break point turns back into a blue dot.


      If I put a break point in one of the first lines of the application class, like in it's constructor, it will trigger and then my deeper break points will fire. But if I don't make this out of the way break point (in the main class) the following break points are not firing.




      Flex Builder 4.5

      SDK 4.5.1

      Debugger (in FireFox)