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    camera tracker solving without errors but not showing result points



      I am trying the new camera tracker in AE cs6,

      im using very simple shots that can be tracked easily,

      and im having some strange behaviours,

      basically in many shots the analysis takes places with no errors but after the camera solve no result points appear, even if i use the advanced mode , changing all other parameters etc, and no errors are reported anywhere, also i select the effect on the panel and i also make sure the points size parameters are scaled up,


      but if i click on processing points (the unchecked box below 3d solve) i can see they are all there, and i can also create camera and the camera is created, so its as if all the process takes place correctly but for some reason the solve points are not shown on screen


      it has happened to me that with same shot sometimes they appeared and sometimes not, but most times they dont


      what can be happening in here?

      thanks so much