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    render track points shows perfect and yet cant see or interact with solve points



      im having an issue with the cs6 camera tracker,


      basically after camera solve i get no errors with very simple shots, and if i click on

      Render Track Points i can see there are great track points that follow all the movement perfectly,

      and yet without checking that box no solve points appear, even when i select the effect on effects panel

      or change any other parameter or do the advanced mode


      i can still click on create camera etc, but i cannot attach a text etc to a specific solve point because no solve points appear


      and yet as i say, if i click on the Render Track Points box i can see great tracking points all over the place following the action


      so the fact that selecting Render Track Points on effects panel shows great perfect points following all , does that confirm that camera solve was successful?


      i just cannot understand why i cannot see any solve points that i can interact with


      i have tried to scale sizes all the way up, select effect on panel and hundred other things


      thank you for any help