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    Location of BSSCDefault.h


      I am new to RoboHelp and I am attempting to open a help topic from my web applications.

      I am using WebHelp and I am able to open a help topic using a link to the topic but now I am trying to use Map IDs.

      I have created the BSSCDefault.h file and copied it to the same folder as the RoboHelp_CSH.js file.

      I have set up my javascript to run RH_ShowHelp.

      When I trigger my js function, the index.htm is opening.

      I am expecting the topic that is mapped to my map ID to open.


      Here is some info.

      In BSSCDefault.h:

      #define Account_List_5_4_12_HT_viewing36


      In my javascript function:



      How do I get Map ID 36 to open?