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    FAQ: What is the difference between Photoshop Standard and Extended?

    Brett N Adobe Employee

      What is Photoshop Standard?

      The Standard version of Photoshop includes all of the tools that you know and love and traditionally associate with the application. More information here: Image editor software


      What is Photoshop Extended?

      Starting with CS3, additional specialist tools were added to an Extended version of Photoshop. This included 3D and analytic tools. More information here: 3D design


      What are the real differences?

      A high level comparison can be viewed here: Adobe Photoshop family – Comparison guide


      A more detailed look at the features within each version can be viewed here:


      Additionally, if you see a topic in Help that says "(Photoshop Extended)" in the title, this feature is for the Extended version only. This search will show these Help articles: "(Photoshop Extended)"