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    How to warp stabilise just the sides and not top/bottom

    Paul Wirral

      I'm wondering if anyone can help with this problem?


      I'm using Prem Pro CS6


      I have a timelapse, done with a series of 150 still shots, where I have panned a boat moving across a skyline.

      I would like to use the warp stabiliser to smooth the movement of the boat and output an HD clip.


      The stills are 3838x2559 pixel RAW files converted to 3838x2559 jpgs and shot reasonably loosely, so there is plenty of elbow room.


      As I was using a tripod there is no tilt in the sequence.

      When I use the stabiliser, it does a great job in smoothing sideways movement BUT twice it jerkes the movement up then down.


      Normally I set the settings to: Smooth/Position/stabilise crop  and then in Media Encoder I crop to 16:9


      So I tried Smooth/Position/Stabilise only and tried to crop in the Media Encoder but that didn't work.

      I just can't figure out how to get rid of the up and down movement caused by the stabilizer.


      I don't suppose there is a mode 1 and mode 2 as on lens stabilisers ;-)


      Can anyone help?