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    Problems with broken links + moving folders


      Hi all -


      I'm currently reorganizing the folders in my project using Robohelp 9, and I've been having a lot of issues with topic links being broken. I will move the folders (which, theoretically, should be all I need to do because the links reset when things are moved) and rename them which will then cause my program to crash.


      I'll reopen the program/project after the crash and receive warnings that folders are missing and will be recreated... the folders are then recreated but with broken links. HOWEVER, wherever I moved the folder to, everything will still be there and the links will be fine. So essentially the program is duplicating folders; it recreates the folder in the old spot with broken links even though everything still exists in the project. It says these things don't exist but they really do.


      Ideas? I save after every single move and rename but this still happens. It's getting really frustrating. I have to restore the broken pages/folders and then delete them again to get the project functioning properly.