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    setting a delay + radiobutton

      Ok, I've got a square that will show up depending on which radio button the user selects. What I'd like is to have the user select a radio button, the price and divider line drops down to make room for the square, and then the square will appear. The problem is that without a delay the square shows and the price line runs down over top of the square.

      So, I found the setTimeout function and I'm trying to use that. It works good when you click one time on the "Side" radio button because I don't have a clearTimeout set. When you click the "Center" button, it does not work (it doesn't show the square at all). I set a clearTimeout on the Center button.

      I need the clearTimeout to work because if you click "Side" and then click "None" right after, the square still pops up.

      Here is a link to the fla: PriceLineAnimation.fla

      How can I make it work so there is still a delay for the price line to drop, the square only shows up on the button selected and disappears if the user changes their mind and clicks something else?