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    Internet Explorer Security Window

    Sandee Matis

      I need help!!  This morning Adobe Flash Player wanted to run an update.  I am having problems ever since.  Every single window I click on I get the pop up Internet Explorer Security window that says "A website wants to open web content using this program outside the protected mode.  The program is Adobe Flash Player.  If I click on allow it just keeps popping up.  If I click on Don't allow it goes away until I click on another web page.  I don't think it is wise to click on don't show this again, is it?  Why am I getting this?  I checked and I have the latest version of Adobe Flash (11.3).  I have have IE, Windows 7, 32 bit if that helps.  I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers so please be specificl.  How bad do I really need this program?  Can I just uninstall it?


      Any help is much appreciated.