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    When or is it possible that Media Encoder and Encore will get GTX 680 CUDA support?

    davidweisenbarger Level 1

      ...and will it really make a difference?


      Ive got the Creative Cloud deal, so my software is up to date (CS6) as of 8/16/12, and after installing my new GTX 680 4GB card and enabling it in Premiere and After Effects, I see a nice performance gain over my older GTX 550 ti 1.5GB.


      When I drop a finished H.264 Blu-ray file into a sequence and export it from Premiere into AME, my graphics card shows about 40-60% regular usage throughout the encoding, no matter what format I am exporting to. But if I just drop the same original H.264 file into AME and set it to the exact same encode output preset, then the graphics card is not used at all.


      Also, when you run GPUSniffer in the Encore program folder, you can see that it will not accept this card for GPU utilization. Ive looked all around for the Encore list of cards database it is pulling from, and Ive concluded that it must be in a compiled DLL file, so unlike Premiere, you cant modify it to detect the GPU. AME does not have either the list of supported cards or the GPUSniffer program in its program folder, so both of these programs will need the GTX 680 added to its list of supported cards by Adobe directly with an update, like they did with After Effects CS6.


      I can only imagine that transcoding in either programs would benefit from CUDA accelleration, like a few other transcoding apps out there already use.


      If Adobe is listening, the #1 thing I (all of us?) want in CS6 is for all transcoding products (Premiere direct export & projects, After Effects, Media Encoder direct file import, Encore) to utilize GTX 670 680 and 690 cards for accelleration out of the box. I dont want to use some 3rd party transcoder to get GPU aided transcoding, I want my CS6 Master Collection to be able to do it. Not too much to ask right?