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    Nested skip logic rules


      Hi there,


      I've run into a little problem using nested skip logic rules. It appears that whenever a top level option is changed, the answers from a sub-level option are still being remembered, which can cause wrong textfields to be displayed.


      For example:


      Question 1: Does the user need to install software? (Yes/No radiobuttons)

      If Yes: Question2 : Does the user need admin rights? (Yes/No Radiobuttons)

               If Yes: Show username and password textfields.


      So if at first, the user selects Yes twice it will show the two textfields. But when the user would then change his mind and change the first question to No, the two textfields would still show because it seems the second Yes is still remembered somewhere, even when the question itself doesn't show anymore.


      Is this intended?


      (I realize in this example I could have put a "If question 1 AND 2 are yes, then show the textfields" condition, but my real form is a bit more complicated than this example)


      Thanks in advance,