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    Problem with Dynamic Link PP to AE CS6


      Trying to figure out a workflow between Premiere and AE.  I've been trying to use dynamic link, but when I send stuff across, some clips are randomly turning up blank.  Tried this on 2 different macs, one running OSX 10.6.8, one running 10.7.4 - the same clips keep turning up blank.  As in, there's a track for them, the name is there, it all looks ok, but there's no actual footage in the timeline.


      I've included a sample screenshot - here tracks 3 and 6 are just empty - no footage where footage should be.


      Any help woud be greatly appreciated.


      Screen shot 2012-08-16 at 11.16.07.png

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          Either the sources are trimmed in such a way that they fall outside the comp duration or they are in a format that AE can't handle properly. The behavior of layer 3 speaks for the first  - there is a line going off to the left an AE only draws these lines if there is footage somewhere. This may be an issue with timecodes or the way everything is edited in Premiere. Without more info and a comparative screenshot it will be impossible to advise further.



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            RobHeadland01 Level 1



            thanks for getting back.


            More info on how we got here - All footage was shot on the same camera, Canon 550d.  Transferred to internal HDD without recompression as H.264's, brought into prelude for logging and subclipping, then sent to Premiere.  Two shots in this timeline have been to AE already for motion smoothing, then rendered out and sent back to Premiere, but there doesn't seem to be any problem with them.


            Have included a shot of the full timeline, then a shot of the full timeline sent to AE - as you can see, something has gone wrong with the majority of the clips.  I'm wondering if this could somehow be caused by Prelude?


            thanks again.



            RobScreen shot 2012-08-16 at 11.47.47.png

            Screen shot 2012-08-16 at 11.49.41.png