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    Watermark with user entered data


      Hi,  I am trying to add a watermark to a pdf document that has the current date and a number.  The number is unique to the document and must be entered manually. 


      I entered the following in th custom calculation script field for the field:


      var cAsk = "Enter text" ;
      var cTitle = "text Entry" ;

      event.value = app.response(cAsk, cTitle);


      It seems to work other than the user sees the Dialog box four times. 


      1. when you identify the pdf file as the source on the Add watermark screen

      2. after you select ok on the add watermark screen, on the document (adding watermark)

      3. On the document, as the application completes loading the watermark

      4. when the application completes the process


      Only the third instance actually adds the text to the watermark.  Is there a way to only have the Dialog box show once?