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    Audio glitch when importing files

    Benji Vince

      I have only recently started using elements 10 and already I have encountered a problem I can't understand. Using my friends handheld camera i made a series of videos that import fine. A canon, but i don't know the model. I have then used another canon, a pc1589 from the uk to record the rest of my video for my movie. However when i import ANY videos from this camera, the audio sounds like it is jumping forward, and skipping bits and is finished by half way through my imported scene. I thought it maybe had something to do with one of the cameras being from the uk and one from the us, so i tried importing the files in a new project with the settings adjusted for the uk camera it still didnt work. I can play the files fine though media player etc but I cannot get the audio working properly in elements and don't have the first idea on how to fix this problem. Please help!