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    Where are my fonts?

    kjhart0133 Level 1

      Hello All:


      I'm editing a film using Premire Pro CS6 on my Mac Mini with OSX 10.7. After inserting and editing lots of clips, I went into the Title screen (Cmd T) to add a title at the beginning of the film.  I clicked in the middle of the title screen and then moved to the properties panel to select a font.  There was only one font listed: Apple Braille.


      I've since been trying to get my list of fonts back but without any luck.  I tried closing the title and opening a new one, same result.  I have used the title tool to create titles before and haven't had any problem.  This just started on my most recent editing effort.


      I'm stumped.  Any suggestions?


      Thanks for any help,


      Kevin H.