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    Convert XML to string

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      I have the following situation:


      I make an application that stores data in a valid XML file.

      The storage of the data with a File.IO operation works well but when I trie to send the file over the internet using a string, it gives me an objectname.

      So I have this code for sending the data over the internet :


        data = myCertGen.writeXML(myData) --Get my data from a XML obejct


        --the data that I want to save.

        tData = ["name":"pcdata.ts","datos":data]

        --call PHP script.

        gNetID = postNetText("http://dev-site.com/telesiminar/save.php",tData)


      So I get my data from the class who makes the XML. This is a XML object.

      Then I send the file over the internet to a php file.

      Now in my data I only get <FlashObject d59cd70>

      So I know this is a object. Now is my question how do I convert this object back to a string wich I can send ?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I guess the 'data' you refer to is the "datos" of your property list. Perhaps you can use the toString() method.

            data = myCertGen.writeXML(myData)
            data = myCertGen.toString(data)
            put data

          This might work, but it isn't clear from what you posted what sort of an object myCertGen points to.

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            thomas_th21 Level 1

            mycergen is an own created class with function inside it.

            the point is that it returns an XML object, so data is an XML object.

            But I solved the problem by using a string instead of an object.

            Thanks anyway for the response