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    Where is the spanning widget on control panel indesign cs5.5


      Hi, I am just learning Indesign CS5.5 on a Macpro using Lion X. I have been going through the tutorials and in listening to the one on spanning and splitting columns the narrator makes reference to a Spanning widget on the control panel. My program does not seem to have this widget, and when I did an search it just lead me back to that tutorial as the only mention of a spanning widget.


      I tried going to Help but that only led me to What's New articles which is no help because since I've never used Indesign I have no frame of reference for what is new!


      So, I am concerned that your tutorials will continue to be frustrating to me because of references to controls and commands that don't exist.


      My question remains, Where do I find the widget mentioned in this Adobe Indesign turorial?