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    Making changes to margins and text frames across entire book?


      Hey all,


      I work for a publisher that until now has primarily been engaged in short publication work, but now we are moving into publishing long books requiring the use of multiple document book-masters, something I have less experience with. I'm primarily trying to make changes across the entire book-- namely moving the margins and existing text boxes out from the gutter a bit. When I enable layout adjustment and change my margins in my style source document and make my changes, all of my text frames move with the margin, but when I sync to the rest of the document, the margins move accordingly but the text frames stay in the same place in all of the slaved documents. I of course do not want to go into all 425 pages and do this by hand when I am positive InDesign has a way to auomate the process.


      I'm sure there is a simple, basic-level solution that i'm just missing here due to my inexperience with the book pallette. Any suggestions?