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    Capturing and digitizing

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          jmshrrsn Level 1

          When capturing HDV from a Sony deck (set up using "generic" as the "Sony" setting doesn't work!) the capture process occasionally cannot find an in point and suggests increasing the preroll time.


          Interestingly, I've gone from 2" to 30" every time this crops up - the last time I changed the preroll from 30" to 31" and it was happy.


          This is all well and good when logging and capturing one clip at a time but batch capturing just leaves you with several failed capture attempts because of the lack of a suitable in point (and I assume lack of preroll time to find the in point).


          The tapes I use are DV used on a Sony Z1 set to HDV (never had this problem before but then I was capturing SD footage in Final Cut Pro - I guess it could be the issue but as the process is SO hit and miss I'm not sure - I realise that with HD footage their GOP issues... but that's when you loose my attention...)


          Importantly, the tapes have a continuous timecode...


          Currently a frustrating problem with real life deadlines fast approaching!

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            DV used on a Sony Z1 set to HDV


            That does not sound right. It is either SD DV or it is HDV. Make sure the Z1 is set to the format you shot.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have NOT used it, but many say to try this for HDV capture http://strony.aster.pl/paviko/hdvsplit.htm

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                jmshrrsn Level 1

                Thanks Harm - yes the Deck is set up correctly for HDV... interestingly the current capture is working well on a 10" preroll... but I'm not holding my breath!


                Really appreciate the speedy response...

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                  jmshrrsn Level 1

                  Thanks John - this is for Windows and I'm on a Mac - my mistake - I didn't say which platform I'm working on.


                  Appreciate the response though... and something that might help others...

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                    jmshrrsn Level 1

                    I ought to have been clearer... the Z1 is set to shoot HDV... the Sony deck is set to deliver HDV as per the set up for HD... just to clarify!  I think this issue is buried within Premiere... but as I say, all seems ok for now.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      I don't have a HDV deck, but I never experienced any problem with the Z1, once it was properly configured. I know there were people who experienced problems with the Sony ... 15 deck, but apparently they solved it eventually, because I have not seen posts about that recently. Maybe a search will help you finding a solution. You do have the iLink setting correctly setup and the export format set to HDV, I assume?

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                        jmshrrsn Level 1

                        Yes... the deck is fine in principle... the current batch capture is still misbehaving in that most of the clips are captured... just a few rogue clips which need re-doing... which is odd.  I wonder if this issue with GOP is partly to balme - unlike DV, HD pictures rely on these 'groups' of pictures... but it's not a subject I get very excited by...  Thanks again for the response.

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                          ebinrock Level 1

                          I'm just wondering why Scene Detect is shaded out in the Capture window when I have my DVCAM deck (Sony DSR-1500A) connected to my computer via a Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio card using the SDI connection (the DSR-1500A deck has a DSBK-1501 Serial Digital Board installed for direct SDI connection).  The Blackmagic card's capture codec is set to DV, which it's seeing through the SDI connection, so I don't know why there's a problem with Scene Detect being inoperable.