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    IND CS 6: Duplicating images makes them look "lighter"?

    ltz31 Level 1



      ever since updating to CS6 my Indesign behaves strangely when handling pictures:


      Once I duplicate a picture, it seems to loose some of it's saturation, thereby noticably looking "lighter".

      This happens with copy/cut paste and alt+drag as well.


      Re-embedding the pictures helps, but with 500+ pictures in a document, this is rather painful.

      Unfortunately, the phenomenon persists all the way into the final pdf I export for printing.


      I tested with both CMYK and RGB Jpgs, Psd & Tifs, with Effects (Multiply) on them and without, the same behavior everywhere.

      Here's a screenshot of a duplicated image on top of the original:

      Bildschirmfoto 2012-08-16 um 18.01.44.png


      I really don't know what it could be, any ideas?


      My System is a 15" MacBook Pro with the latest version of Lion running (no Mouintain Lion), and the CS6 is up to date.


      Thanks a lot for any input!