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    Problem Removing Mask

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      I have a mobile IOS application that utilizes the TabbedViewNavigatorApplication component. The app has a skin that defines a background image for the entire app, and the skin is defined as an actionscript class. On one of my views, I am displaying stage video, and so to do this, when the view is active a mask is assigned to the view and the skin, so as to 'poke a hole' thru everthing in order for stage video to be visible. All is fine to this point.


      The problem is that when the video is playing and you select one of the application tabs to transition to another view on another tab, the mask is not removed from the skin until after the transition is finished. This causes the video to briefly appear in the other tab's view. The call to remove the mask when the video's view is removed from stage is happenning in the right order, but for some reason the mask is still active when the new view is shown. Any ideas as to how to overcome this behavior?