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    Updates Announcements & Release Notes Feedback

    RickCP Level 1

      Hi Chris:


      I just read your yesterday's announcement of the updates released with Security Bulletin APSB12-018.

      I suppose there were no security bulletins released i.r.o. previous updates, i.e...


      - Version 11.3.300.270 released 08-02-2012 installed 08-03-2012,

      - Version 11.3.300.268 released 07-26-2012 installed 07.27-2012,

      - Version 11.3.300.265 released 07-11-2012 installed 07-22-2012,

      - Version 11.3.300.262 released 06-21-2012 installed 06-23-2012 - i.r.o. FF Plugin only.


      ... because these updates were no security related but only bug fixes... or is it there another particular reason?


      Please note that other than in your announcements posted to the Announcements Forum, I can not find any additional information related to these bug-fixes updates, as even your release notes (see the Runtime Version History section) are not up-to date either?


      Thank you!