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    Aplying the Next style to the following paragraph


      Hi there,


      I am seeking for advice, when using the Next style capability defined in paragraph stylet. Se my image pleae:


      These different paragraphs are conectedd: The Name of product has Next style the Specification, followed by Next style Material, followed by Colros style. Everything works fine if I manually type the text. When pressing Return key, the Next defined style is applyed to the following paragraph. Awesome! But it works when typing.


      It does not work while:


      1. I grab some text which contains more paragraphs {Excel for example} and I put it to the blank textframe, ID will format all the paragraphs as the Name of product. No matter how many paragraphs i pasted from clipboard. { I expected ID to override the styling of the first 4 paragraphs according to the seqence I defined.}
      2. I paste or write one single paragraph of text. If I put cursor in the middle and while pressing Return key I want to put a new paragraph there. There is a new paragraph, but the styling of both paragraphs ramain jsut same – Name of product style. { I expect all the text behid this new paragraph to take the Specification styling. But I am wrong.}


      So the Next style function works for me just when I am manually tiping.


      I defined this paragraph styling sequence, because I thought i could paste all the text to the textframe at once. Do I really have to type it manually, even I have all in XLS file?


      Thank you guys!