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    Issue with Buttons on CS5 - keeps "forgetting" its "Go To Destination"


      This is a weird one. I'm creating a large (150 pages) interactive PDF file, one of a series I've created over several years. I have a series of buttons on Master Pages that link (via "Go To Destination") to various chapters in the document.


      Recently, the files have been "forgetting" the links that I've selected in the drop-down "Destinations" list, defaulting to the 1st bookmark based on alphabetical order. It's not every button -- some maintain the correct association -- but it's most of them, and it's only an issue with the "Go To Destination" links.


      If I laboriously relink the button to the destination, and I immediately create a PDF file, everything works great. But if I make some text changes in the file, or open and close it to swap out a photo or something, odds are 50:50 that the buttons will once again default to the top of the long alphabetical list under "Destinations". This is incredibly annoying, and freaking me out.


      I've searched this forum and online, and I haven't read anything quite like this. I'm using the PDF (Interactive) settings, other buttons work unfailingly (Next Page, Last Page). The only thing I can think of is that there are multiple master pages (differing only in background color) and I originally copied and pasted the buttons from one master page to the next.


      Working in InDesign CS5 on a Mac running Mountain Lion.


      Anyone have any ideas what's going on?


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