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    Publish Help to Web???

      We hired someone to take our old html help and redo it in Robohelp , but she has no idea how to take the finished job and publish it to our web site.

      She thinks you just take the entire project folder and FTP it as a separate folder to the web site and then link from the site to the main help page in the folder.

      Is this correct? IS there an automated way to do this in Robohelp 6?

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi DFWBob

          Certainly here way is not how I would do it!

          Basically here are the steps in a nutshell.

          1. Generate the WebHelp to create the swarm of files
          2. Publish the contents of the WebHelp folder to the server
          3. Link to the WebHelp start page

          How you get the published output (found in the !SSL!\WebHelp folder where your project is stored) to the server can be handled by FTP, but RoboHelp has a built in publishing utility. Often, all you need to do is configure it and publish.

          Post back if you need more detailed steps... Rick
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            HKabaker Level 2
            Not to delve deeply into details, I would add these points:

            RH can publish via FTP to locations where the user has permissions.
            RH also can publish via a network directory/ filepath approach.
            You have the option of publishing all, or just the changed files.
            As with any FTP publishing system, RH will not remove obsolete files from the target server. It must be done manually.

            Hope this helps.