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    advanced edit hyperlink-properties grayed out the first time


      advanced edit hyperlink-properties grayed out the first time

      Sub Problem:

      When using the advanced edit cursor, right click Is used to select a hyperlink-properties the first time the dialog box pops up it does not have “focus” (not sure that is the right term, but the box is grayed out and will not respond to the keyboard.). It must be mouse clicked to get focus. The second time a link is right clicked to properties the popup responds to the key board and will move to the action tab with ctrl-tab

      It’s not clear to me where the acrobat program is at that point.

      Is that a known action or problem with acrobat pro 9.4.4?

      Is there a key or keys from the keyboard that can force focus to the box?

      The problem is each file I open I have to manually find a link and right click it to get the box then click in the box to get “focus”. After the first one the box pops up with focus.




      Main Problem:

      I have been working on converting a set of pdf files with 1000’s of hyperlinks like www.site.com\folder1\file1.pdf#page=10

      To jump to a local copy of the files with a relative type link

      ../folder1/file1.pdf and then go to the proper page.

      I have found that it can be done manually by changing the hyperlink to a javascript

      var otherDoc = app.openDoc('../folder1/file1.pdf', this);otherDoc.pageNum = 10 - 1;

      and setting each destination file with a disclose()=true;

      Based on the help so far that java script cannot access the hyperlink value in a link

      See: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1039908?tstart=60

      I have resorted to the following plan using acrobat javascript, an external keyboard macro recorder and excel in combination to get around the problem

      Four folder level acrobat javascripts with “buttons”

      One to get all the link quads in an array, in the pdf and report the total number

      The second creates a form field in the far corner of the first page and moves there.

      The third jumps to each link found by creating a form field just to the left of the link and zooms in so it can be selected by a “mouse click” from the keyboard macro recorder 

      The forth deletes the form field


      The keyboard macro recorder runs javascript 2 and then 3 then clicks on the link just to the right of the middle of the screen and uses keys to get to the advanced editing to get to edit the hyperlink .

      The hyperlink is then copied to excel where it is converted using string functions to the needed javascript text to be copied back.

      To the acrobat file into a java script (after deleting the hyperlink)



      I have been able to convert about 150 links an hour.

      Better then hand typing, but not like having java access to the links.


      I am looking to improve the solution