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    AE audio problem - pitch

    bldg13 Level 1

      I am having an audio problem. The RAM preview plays my audio at a lower pitch. I made this screen recording including sound so you can hear it: http://cl.ly/2J471L3v0q3u


      I created a new project.


      Add an AIF file to the project—but preview the sound clip first so you can hear how it should sound.


      Drag the AIF into a new comp.


      RAM preview (you notice the delay while it locks existing frames which seems to be another problem http://forums.adobe.com/message/4626528#4626528)


      The RAM preview plays the first time through accurately but at a lower pitch the subsequent times.


      Mac Pro (early 2009)

      2 x 2.26 GHz Xeon

      24 GB RAM


      AE CS6


      I've tried a full restart.


      Any thoughts?