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    Problem to integrate Adobe LiveCycle Web Service to BizFlow


        I have problem in integrating BizFlow with Adobe LiveCycle Web Service. We use LiveCycle Output Service module, it has Web Service, EJB, Remoting and REST for external application to call. Then I try to create a Web Service Application in BizFlow to call that LiveCycle Web Service.

         The LiveCycle project is input an XML parameter from Web Service then fill in the LiveCycle form to generate PDF then send it to an email address.


         The problem is BizFlow can only accommodate with RPC Web Service and does not work with other web service, and in default LiveCycle only present Document style Web service to external. We have problem in integration.

        Anyone could give some information on how to integrate BizFlow and LiveCycle service? Like can LiveCycle present RPC protocol Web Service?

      The help is highly appreciated