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    DRM frustration not worth it

    Kenn Again

      I just wasted money and time trying to get an ADE epub book onto my Sony Reader.  I'm more than willing to pay a reasonable price for an ebook, but the hassle and high blood pressure of DRM is just not worth it.  It's back to DRM free for me.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I share frustration with you (just look at my name).  However, what's

          troubling me is that you've not told us what your issues really are.  There

          may be a 'simple' solution to them which will get you running.  After all,

          thousands of people are able to use ADE and import DRM ebooks to their



          It may be the particular SONY ereader you're using.  If it's a T-1, SONY

          says it's not going to work with ADE.


          It may be the ebook itself - some of the publishers don't code them as they



          It could be sometning else that this community has wrestled with and


          Before you give up, we'd be willing to help if you give us more information

          - computer (Windows, Mac), browser and ereader type.