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    Resizing a document - Basics


      I'm new to InDesign and haven't had much training. How do I resize a document? I've never done this before so I really appreciate any feedback. The document needs to be

      3.5 x 7.5" and I can't figure out the size it is currently. Thanks!

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          File > Document Setup will tell you the document page size, more info will show bleed area

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            AshleyKH1 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick response So if I change the width and the height will that resize the document and than I can save it or export it as a PDF? Is it that easy?  Thanks again!

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              AshleyKH1 Level 1

              Also, I got the black box to show in the center. However, not sure how to get the rest of my document to fit inside that box. Thoughts? Thanks!

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                Daniel Flavin Level 4

                For advanced use of repositioning elements on a page or in a document,

                Layout > Layout Adjustment > Enable Layout Adjustment

                will cause elements on a page to dynamically move when margins are changed or the document page size is changed. You're not ready for the results that might inccur, it will not resize objects or type, it can change the size of a text frame. You're not ready for the feature, try it and see what happens, or leave it alone.


                As I understand, you had a document larger than 3.5 x 7.5, have changed the document size to your need, and objects are outside of the page boundries. (The black box is the page "edge".

                You can see all the elements within the Pasteboard, I like ctrl +  or ctrl - to quickly zoom in and out, that's what you have described.


                Not knowing the measured amount that items are out of the document page size limits advice on how to re-fit everything. Your skill level here is what?


                The text tool resizes type, the Black Arrow tool, Selection tool will move items into the live area, ...


                Make copies of your work, it might be best to create a pdf of the original file before having modified the page size,

                Place that pdf of that file into a correct sized document and scale the pdf "object" to fit.


                Export the result


                I'm blind to your layout/file and making suggestions -