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    TextFlow and Modesto font incorrect rendering...

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I have a project using TextFlow with StyledRichText that calculates positioning / scaling based on font metrics in font files that have been embedded into loaded CSS SWF.


      All works well apart from one specific font. Opening the font in Fontographer or similar shows the glyphs extend beyond the expected region and this shows on screen as the letters extending beyond the bounds of the text field... Or, rather... _mostly_ displaying beyond the bounds of the text field. Occasionally, the bits outside get chopped off and occasionally the TextFlow decides it only has room for one rather than two lines and...


      Well, it sucks, basically.


      As you zoom in and out, the text rendering switches so that sometimes I am looking at two lines and others at one.


      Needless to say, dumping the font entirely would be preferable, but that isn't possible for visual design reasons that I am not qualified to comment on.




      Does anybody have any ideas how I can detect, react to and / or correct for the weird font metrics in this specific font? (I should add, the fix has to be compatible with the somewhere around 150 fonts that _do_ work.)