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      I am having an extremely hard time purchasing the upgrade for Forms Central. At first I thought it was my credit card, but I literally have tried 3 different visas (some friends) and one MasterCard. I have checked and double checked my address and the credit card number and I can guarantee you alll my information is correct as I have tried to process the payment over a dozen times, literally.


      This is what I get every time:


      Error in Your Order

      We are unable to approve your transaction at this time.


      There are a number of reasons for order failure, among them errors in card number, expiration date, security code, or billing address, or an inaccurate email address. If you have verified your information and are still unable to place your order, please contact Customer Service and order by phone. Call (800) 585-0774 (U.S./Canada).



      When I talked with support the lady told me that dashes shouldn't be in the address space...so I took out dashes, still didn't work. She then looked further and told me "there must be something on Adobes end we can fix". She even entered all my information in for me twice and tried to process it over the phone...nothing. I used the same credit cards the same day to make purchases and phoned the bank to make sure there was no holds...there wasn't.


      Now all I get from Adobe support is, "enter your information again, it should work". then, "ok, well I will push this to the next level". I literally have been through the same loop twice each person not knowing what to do. Is there a number I can call or something....


      I then created a whole new account with all my personal information, and with a different credit card...it still didn't work. Is purchase not available in Canada? I am not computer illiterate, I am in charge of IT for our company and I am keying in the right info. I even collected our exact address from the credit card compant to make sure it was all the same.


      So far not impressed with Adobe's support process, the people are all very nice but it seems they just keep using their 24-48 hour wait time and then just looping me through it again. Its been 5 days and all I want to do is buy a product! Anyone know what number I can call to resolve this or a method so I can purchase this subscription?