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    My photoshop cs4 keeps crashing.


      I am using a windows platform, and this is the error message i get from windows: 





      any solutions? I dont want to buy cs6. my SB and DW also crashing.

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          You need to provide system info and a description of what exactly you are doing. The files you mentioned are just Windows' own error reporting which is of no use to anyone but Microsoft themselves.



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            jeremiahadobe Level 1

            the windows error message is the only message i get. adobe doesnt even say a thing. when i click, it opens, then windows will say this program is not working. then it just closes. same for other programs, SB and Ai. only DW has an error message which says ordinal number 3675 could not be found in the digital link library LIBEAY32.dll


            what happened was i recently uninstalled a trial version of premiere pro. so i dont know if the uninstaller uninstalled my other programs


            i have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling

                                system restore


            adobe does not offer support for cs4 and advised me to try the forum.


            thanks for wanting to help!

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              Personally, I wouldn't be able to be of much assistance to to you anyway, as I don't do windows.


              On the other hand, those who can help you still have no clue as to what exact version of the Windows OS you are running, what machine you have, with how much RAM, available hard disk space, what exact operation(s) you were performing in Photoshop when the problem occurred, whether your Photoshop is updated to 11.0.2 etc.


              Since you describe issues with so many different applications, it's safe to assume that your installation is all messed up, or you have hardware problems (hard disk going bad, etc) or your computer generally sucks.  Without detailed info, any guess is as good as the next one.


              Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers: 






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                jeremiahadobe Level 1

                thanks for the advice.



                -Windows 7 Home edition

                -Acer Aspire 3820 TG

                -4 GB RAM

                -640 GB HDD

                -1 GB ATI Mobliltiy Radeon Graphic Card

                -Photoshop has not been updated. its just the original


                the thing is the suite has been working well over about 2 years, and my computer is fine. all applications dont seem to work, except acrobat. i am not trying to perform any operation in photoshop, the moment i open, i will see the photoshop interface, and then it just crashes.


                i hope my problem is detailed enough. i will be glad to clarify further if need be.


                (my first time using this forum as i was advised to do so by adobe tech support)

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                  You seem to have a network configuration problem. That DLL is used as part of some networking/ TCP stuff. Check your network adapter and reinstall its driver and also the TCP protocol stuff. Somehow its damaged or not configured properly and probably preventing the apps from launching correctly or at least the associated services for licensing. In DW this may be more obvious since it also uses network stuff for its FTP features...



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                    jeremiahadobe Level 1

                    thank you! i shall try that. will get back if the problem is resolved.

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                      jeremiahadobe Level 1

                      would you be so kind as to detail how to do this network adapter and TCP protocol stuff? i tried but still no avail.


                      i think i dont know how to do it right. thanks for your patience.